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Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master

Author: Yang_Studio

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Updated: 2021-09-08 15:07:09

Latest chapter: 503 The Lucky Fat Guy

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《Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master》Latest chapter
503 The Lucky Fat Guy
502 Excellent Customer Service
501 'Shit! I'm Late'
500 Above Average Sensitivity
499 Instructions From Genie
498 Wasn't The Same As Genie
497 Is She Healthy?
496 Trying The Clothes
495 Someone Is Coming
494 The Ghost Mouth
493 No Answer
492 Promise, Master?
《Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master》' main text
503 The Lucky Fat Guy
502 Excellent Customer Service
501 'Shit! I'm Late'
500 Above Average Sensitivity
499 Instructions From Genie
498 Wasn't The Same As Genie
497 Is She Healthy?
496 Trying The Clothes
495 Someone Is Coming
494 The Ghost Mouth
493 No Answer
492 Promise, Master?
491 A Toreboard
490 Teach Me The Worldly Ways
489 Not Used To His New Appearance Ye
488 An Emotional Genie
487 Heavy-Handed Methods Of Protection
486 Basic Needs
485 Maintenance Abilities
484 Most Beautiful Women I've Ever Seen
483 Smiles
482 Being Attractive
481 Perfectly Healthy
480 Best Way To Be Woken Up Ever
479 An Incredible Sigh
478 How About A Nap?
477 Made For Him
476 Making The Bed
475 That's A Lot To Think Abou
474 Endless Possibilties
473 Unconditional Love
472 Tears Of Happiness
471 The Fireworks
470 He Was Not So Insensitive
469 Punishment For Getting Into The Brain
468 Punishment !
467 Are You Reading My Mind?
466 She Is Real !!
465 Challenging Her Obedience
464 Passed Ou
463 Is The Prankster Just Teasing Him?
462 Helpless To Respond
461 Exposing The Bluff
460 A Female Djinn
459 'I Am Your Genie'
458 "Well, Shit!"
457 Trying Different Combinations
456 The Puzzle Box
455 Meeting The Genies Again After Centuries
454 An Eternity Of Togetherness
453 Back To Routine Life
452 Let There Be Lamps!
451 Let There Be Light!
450 A Long, Long Time Ago
449 Fulfiling One Of The Society's Goals
448 Dear Diary ..
447 Distributing The Lamps Throughout The World
446 Please.. Undo This
445 Why Not Just Bring The Room Itself Here?
444 217 Genies Need Liberation
443 Year 1827
442 Genies Did Good !!
441 Time To Clean Up
440 I Love You So Much
438 Year 1993
437 Year 1949
436 Year 1974
435 Year 1959
434 Society Members' Questions
433 Back In Present, With The Two Genie Owners
432 Three Years Back
431 Same Genie - Past & Presen
430 1471 Ad
429 Mom, What Are You Doing?
428 Back To The Centuries Old Story..
427 Play Your Cards Righ
426 Genies Meet Family Masters' Family
425 Centuries Back ..
424 We Don't Deserve Our Genies
423 Wife's Substitute
422 Changed His Mind
421 Your Reign Of Terror Is Over
420 No Rules!!
419 This Is Impossible
418 A Note In Ancient Greek
417 The Two Genies Were Tense
416 Master, I Am Not A Demon
415 Your Worst Nightmare
414 He Knows All
413 Welcome To The Harem
412 Prove Your Worth To The Organization
411 We Are Supposed To Be Better Human Beings
410 I Am No Different Than Them
409 Just Go Away
408 Just Some School Fun !!
407 They're Really Delusional
406 Genie Killed Him
405 Jerusalem, Hundreds Of Years Back
404 The Maker Of The Genies
403 Formal Members Of The Organization
402 It Could Be A Trap
401 A Date
400 The Safe In The Basemen
399 How Did You Get Your Genie?
397 Introduction With The Group
395 Preparing For The Gathering
394 That Feels Weird
393 I'm Letting The Genie Res
392 Pretend To Be An Ordinary... Genieless Boy
391 She Deserves Good Time
390 Didn't Want To Risk
389 214 Dormant Genies
388 Collector Of Magic Lamps
387 I Don't Know Why You Are Being So Secretive?
386 Don't Say Anything
385 You'd Both Be In Control Of Your Body
384 Someone Knows I've Got A Genie
383 You've Enslaved Your Parents
382 I Have Someone To Share My Magical Life With
381 Yeah, We're In Love
380 Two Genies Hang Ou
379 Lessons To The Genie
378 Move Out Of Our Way
377 She's Very Comfortable With Magic
376 Boyfriend Girlfriend !!
375 Mom's Here
374 I Wished For Everyone To Do Everything I Said
373 The Lamps Are Missing
372 I've Been Questioning Myself A Lo
371 I've Just Accepted My Life
370 It's Only Fair
369 Genies.. Join In
368 Where Did You Find The Genie?
367 Meeting Of The Two Genies
366 He'd Have To Put A Stop To That.
365 Too Exhausted To Continue
364 Not Very Good At Blending In
363 Genie's Visit To The School
362 Genie Needs To Look Like A Normal Person
361 I Wish For A Better Body
360 Genie's Curiosity
359 Let The Genie Res
358 What Happened To My Friends?
357 The Only Desire Is To Serve The Master
356 Unconsciouness
355 She's Mine
354 Genie, Hide Fas
353 Your Wish Is My Command
352 If You Are Happy, I Am Happy
351 The Language Knowledge
350 Coldness Of The Lamp
349 Full Of Hormones
348 What Happened To The Genie?
347 Course Of His Life At Workplace
346 We've Made A Beautiful Family
345 His Wish From 50 Years Ago
344 50 Years Later
342 Something For You. Please Open I
341 A Presen
339 I Think You Owe Me
338 One More Adjustmen
337 Your Own Place For Your ...Activities
336 The Magic Is Gone
335 The Things We Do For Love
334 Remembering The Last Look On Genie's Face
332 They Can Track You By Magic
331 His Miserable Life
330 They Would Attack Our Family
329 He Is A Threat To Anonymity
328 Let's Try Some Magic Then
327 He's Not Going To Bother Us Now
326 You Will Perish Like Her
325 Me For Her
324 The Murderous Eyes
323 What About The Back Door?
322 There Was No Turning Back Now
321 He Owed Her Everything
320 How Can The Genie Be Rescued
319 How Could A Genie Be Destroyed?
317 How Could He Have Known?
316 Order Of Ligh
315 The Djinn Began To Tremble
314 Genie In Her Own Personal Hell
313 You Should Have... Stayed Outside
312 Hard One To Track Down
311 Attacking The Genie
310 Where Is The Genie?
309 Why Is He Holding A Taser?
308 You May Do As You Wish
307 You Don't Understand
306 Eating Me Up Inside
305 There's No Freewill Aspect To I
304 The Genie Or The Woman
303 She's Like A Perfect Fit For Me
302 You Know The Rules
301 You'll Be In Good Hands
300 He Lied Beautifully
299 We'll Do This Later
298 One Morning When They Should Not Delay Getting Up
296 I've Found The Djinn, Grand Master
294 The Companion Djinn
292 The Alliance
290 Enslavemen
289 Every Boy Wants To Idolize His Father
288 I'm So Sorry
285 We Can Be A Real Family
284 Genie's Brave Master
283 I'm Sorry You Had To Witness Tha
282 I Don't Want To See You, Ever Again
281 The Lecherous Grin
280 How Could You Blame Her?
279 Negative Vibes, Negative Memories
278 Let's Give Him A Chance
277 He Cannot Be Your Father
276 Genie's Distrust For Dad
275 I Wonder Who Ordered A Package?"
274 They Were Being Watched
273 An Acciden
272 Booking The New Apartmen
271 The Shortlisted Apartments
270 Choosing Where To Shif
269 Was He Just A Slaveholder
268 You Make Me So Proud, Son
267 So Is Your Mother..
266 She Deserves Happiness
265 Meeting The New Friend
264 I've Met Someone
263 Beginning Of The Training
262 Congratulations !!
260 Jealous Genie
257 He Got The Job
256 Grandma Was Broken Down
255 I Can't Wait To Get Out Of Here
253 It's So Hard To See You Like This
252 Grandpa Has A Clo
251 No Words To Express
250 Are You Just Going To Watch?
249 Powerful.. Very Powerful!!
248 Not Yet, Baby!
247 Second Genie - On The Same Wavelength
246 Two Genies
245 Finally Alone Now
244 A Very Rare Person
243 She's Into You
242 Red Cheeks
241 The Changed Guy
240 Not The Stupid Bully Again
239 You Tricked Me
238 Visit To The Community Pool
237 Applying For The Job Interview
236 Free Will Vs Compulsion
235 Do You Think They Have A Secret?
234 She's Been Doing It For Over Sixty Years
233 She Was Tethered To Him For Life
232 Against The Second Rule
231 Grand Love
230 The Pain
229 A Whole Lot Better Than Yesterday
228 Grandpa's Surgery
226 The Genie Watching The Cartoon Genie
225 Locate The Beas
224 Locating The Area Of Magical Disturbances
222 A Very Special Nigh
221 Mother Of Your Children
220 Getting Married To A Genie
219 I Love Weddings
218 You'll Be The Next One Walking Down The Aisle
217 Somethings Never Change... Some Do
216 Another Wish
215 What Else Are Cousins For?
214 The Anxious Bride
213 Mother Of The Bride
212 Like You And Me?
211 Meeting The Bridegroom
210 Sounds Like It Runs In The Family
209 Moments Like These ..
208 A Second Mother
207 A Quick Knock
206 A Room For Us?
205 Can't Read His Brain
204 Ready For The Family Function
203 It's Hard To Keep Her Away
202 Just About Normal Now
201 The New Neighbour
200 Watching The Sunrise
199 Certain Limits
198 Fantasy Office Gone In A Few Seconds
197 I Knew You Would
196 Testing The Skills
195 What Made You Apply For This Job?
194 I Lost Track Of Time
193 Perfect Roleplay Settings
192 I Believe In You
191 Have A Little More Faith In Yourself
190 You've Written These?
189 Would He Hire Me If I Applied?
188 You Are Very Much Qualified
187 Great Power, Great Responsibility
186 Turning Down The Object Of His Fantasies
185 Is It Really Serious With Her?
184 I Just Wanted To Say Sorry
183 Looks Like You Found The Ice Cream!
182 Finding Your Soulmate
181 A Girl For My Friend
180 Nice To Meet You
179 A Lot Has Changed In A Week
178 Seems Rather Fas
177 The Customer Service
176 You Can Make A Wish To Get Her
175 How Will His Coworkers Reac
174 Stupid Person, Maybe
173 Duly Noted
172 Perfect Fi
171 Best Way To Wake Up Ever
169 The Heart Always Knows
168 You Always Make The Best Wishes
167 The Happiest Of Tears
166 Most Important Of All
165 Genie..Another Wish Please
164 I Have Someone In Mind
163 One Thing A Mother Always Wants To See
162 A Very Womanly Way To Look At Things
161 Dinner Was A Lively Affair
160 Genie Meets Grandparents
159 Meeting The Twins
158 Genie Helping Mom
157 She Said She's In Love With You
156 I Promise To Only Be Good To Him
155 I Swear It's Nothing Like Tha
154 A Little Nervous, But Doing Okay
153 Welcome To Our Home
152 Her First Time Before Mom
150 Shower Time
149 He Obliged
148 Downstairs. Locker Room. Empty Corridor
147 Are We Doing Any Cardio?
146 My Genie Gym Instructor
145 Public Display Of Affection
144 Sounds Like A Plan
143 The Old Fashioned Way
142 Gym Session
141 Genie's Boyfriend
140 She'll Love You
139 Did I Really Just Say That?
131 I Was Thinking About Something
130 She Was Giving Him Back His Self-Confidence
129 Taking The Genie To The Workplace
128 The Bully Is Shocked
127 The Bully Returns
126 Do You Want Me To Look Into Your Mind?
125 Falling In Love The The Genie
123 An Angelic Genie
122 A Genie Modelling For Him
121 Aren't You Going To Get Dressed?
120 I Hope You Don't Mind Me Taking Charge
119 Under The Spray Of Water
117 Get The Water Running
116 Why Limit It To Staring?
115 You're Stuck With Me, Mister !
114 Solid Upbringing
113 That's So Terrible
111 You're A Genius
110 Growing Tired Of The Genie?
108 Not Exactly The Sexiest Hobby To Have
104 What's The Occasion?
103 Life Full Of Color & Vibrancy
102 A Perfect Catch In Every Way
101 Powers Of Anonymity
99 The Perfect Way To Start The Day
96 A Naughty Mouthy Genie
95 The 'Grace'ful Morning Game
94 A Genie's 'Babe'
91 A Djinn Has Been Unleashed On The World
88 I Love Your Wishes
87 Your Ways Surprise Me!!
86 A Workout Plan
85 You're My Perfect Man
84 Don't Go Back Inside The Trinke
83 Keeping This All A Secre
82 Do Genies Feel Hungry?
81 You're Insatiable !!
80 The Edge Of Consciousness
79 Magical Physical Power
78 Let Yourself Go On This One
77 I Was Created To Be A Perfect Companion For You
76 Can A Genie Get Pregnant?
75 The Genie Intuition
74 That's What I've Been Waiting For
73 I'm Never Going To Take You For Granted
71 I Think This Is My Favorite Wish Of Yours Ye
70 Trust Me, You Don't Need An Invitation
69 What Do You Like About Me?
68 This Is ... Incredible
67 May I, Master?
66 Was It Worth The Wait?
65 My All Powerful Sex Genie
64 They Are So Cute Together
63 One Big Change In My Life
62 A Suitable Name For The Genie
61 You Are A Rare Kind Of Master
60 I Love Having Your Eyes On Me
59 We Don't Really Wear Robes These Days
58 Your Grandfather Fell Again
57 I'll Take That As A Wish
56 Everything About You Is Just .... Incredible
55 I Wish For You To Kiss Me
54 Let's Set Another Rule
53 Next Three Rules
52 The First Two Rules
51 You Haven't Made Any Wishes Ye
50 A Companion Djinn
49 Gorgeous Wish-Granting Genie
48 Were All Genies So Sexy?
47 Are You A Genie?
46 Good Morning, Master !!
45 Puzzle Solved Successfully
44 Getting One Row Of The Symbols Correc
43 I Got Your Back
41 Finding The Trinke
40 Damnit, I Hate This Gully.
39 It Makes All Sense Now
38 Familiar Voices
37 I Thought She Liked Me
35 What Do You Say To The Girl Who Just Rejected You?
34 My Girlfriend?
33 You Giant Pussy
32 Running Away From Reality
30 No Girls Had Ever Been In The House
29 A Loser
28 We Would Be Perfect Together
27 Getting Carts For Abby
25 Working At The Store
24 Financial Troubles
23 Breakfast Time
22 Present Day
20 Heading Back To Babylon
19 Distributing The Treasure
18 Carnage & Death In The Camp
17 The Battle
16 The Final Gift Remains Undisclosed
15 The Third Gif
14 Gifts For The King
13 Merchants Meet The King
12 The Trinket With The Mystical Powers Hidden Inside
11 A Supernatural Gif
9 Finding The Land Of Water
6 Enemies Are Twice More Powerful
5 Royal Concubine
4 A Fiery Redhead
3 Personal Chamber Of The King
2 Camp For The Nigh
1 2500 Years Ago